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Meet our intrapreneurs and everyday heroes

Below you can find our amazing employees. They mean the world to us and we value each and everyone of them. If you want to become a part of the Codemill team, you can have look at our Career page to see if anything fits you. Otherwise you can connect with us through or Contact page.

We are 58 "codemillists" divided in 11 teams


Rickard Lönneborg

Founder / CEO

Johanna Björklund

CTO / Founder

Anna Norin


Olov Vikberg

Head of Processes and Quality Improvement

Annica Lindström

HR Manager

Evelina Sjögren

HR Manager

Ludvig Wadenstein

Head of Development

Mattias Ahlström

Head of R&D


Henrik Lundgren

Sales Manager

Dinesh Damodaran

Sales Manager

Sara Solaiman

Communications Manager

Johan Bergström

Sales Manager

Jonas Sandberg

Senior Developer / Sales Manager

Students & Trainees

Kai Kenklies

Developer / UX Designer

Erik Berggren

Dennis Karlman

Developer / UX Designer

Martin Sjölund

UX Designer

Team Asimov

Mona Forsman

Phd / Team Leader

Joel Sandberg


Kabir Fahria


Benjamin Björklund


Team Crispberry

Peter Bjuhr

Team Leader / UX Designer

Daniel Hedlund

Senior Developer

Anton Bäckström

UX Des