Meet the family

Here you can find our intrapreneurs and everyday heroes! We are about 45 "codemillists" divided in five development teams and some on-site consultants, management, and extra working or thesis writing students. Putting together different kinds of people is our secret recipe for magic.

Join the family!


Rickard Lönneborg

Founder / CEO

Johanna Björklund

Founder / CTO

Johannes Eriksson

Sales Manager

Henrik Lundgren

Sales Manager

Dinesh Damodaran

Sales Manager

Anna Norin


Annica Lindström

HR Manager

Students & Trainees

Katarina Hägglund

Developer / UX Designer

Joacim Kastberg


Adam Nordström

UX Designer

Team Crispberry

Olov Vikberg

Senior Developer / Team Leader

Peter Bjuhr

UX Designer

Daniel Hedlund

Senior Developer

Dennis Olsson

Senior Developer

Emil Eriksson

Senior Developer

Linda Almersson


Erik Lindskog

Senior Developer

Mikael Wikner

Developer / UX Designer

Team Design

Erik Långström

UX Designer / Graphical Designer

Jonas Åberg

Graphical Designer

Team Dragon