TV Matchen

Native Android and iOS apps for complete guides for TV sports

Raketech, a listed content marketing company, bought the company creating the app and website called TVmatchen.


The Challenge

The customer wanted to provide a fast and always up-to-date mobile app with an overview of all sports broadcasted in the Scandinavian countries, together with team and league statistics as well as live odds.

What we did


  • Prototyping
  • UI & UX design
  • User testing


  • Back & Front-end

Since 2013, we’ve developed all smartphone and tablet apps provided by TVmatchen.

This includes apps for five countries;

  • Sweden (
  • Denmark (
  • Norway (
  • Germany (
  • UK (

We are continuously working on this project to provide the latest techniques and to give the users a rich experience.


The results

"Codemill has helped us bring our apps to the next level and we are very pleased with the cooperation and result. They continuously deliver very good products and we especially appreciate how they are creative and come up with solutions and new ideas. We really enjoy working together with Codemill!"

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