Nutrition management software for premature babies

What we did

Codemill has been developing the Nutrium application for more than seven years. Nutrium is an advanced decision support system for neonatologists, dieticians and nurses to provide premature babies with the correct amount of nutrition. The system is scientifically proven to improve nutrient intakes and growth in preterms, which is likely to improve long term health and reduce healthcare costs.

Our contribution is:
> Domain design
> Interaction design
> Implementation and bug fixing of the Nutrium client
> Implementation and bug fixing of the Nutrium API
> Development of complex algorithms for calculating optimal nutrition prescription
> Several integrations with other healthcare systems and services nationwide (WINROP, SNQ, MetaVision integration)
> Several custom made export functions for research purposes
> Testing
> Deployment and system administration
> Tech support

Techniques used

Java, Wordpress, Healthcare Smartcard SSO, php, Jersey, JAX-RS/REST

Codemill has very much contributed to the development of our products, and gives prompt and reliable technical support.

Magnus Domellöf, CEO & Professor, Nutrium

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