Marketing campaign management system

What we did

We customized Cantemo Portal and Vidispine to create a new marketing campaign management system for ITV. The system was developed and implemented to streamline the production and delivery of on-air and digital marketing campaigns to tens of millions of monthly ITV viewers.

The system combines a custom built media planning application for broadcast and digital media with a MAM-system to keep track of produced video assets. The users of the system can now focus on the contents and logics of the campaigns rather than juggling the hundreds of versions of each campaign that are being produced and prepared for playout.

Codemill offered a mix of UX-design, front-end and back-end development during the whole project. All planned in sprints according to an agile development process.

Techniques used

Django, Vidispine, Cantemo Portal


Cantemo, NMR & Vidispine

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