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Marketing campaign management system


ITV’s creative team is responsible for making over 1000 on-air promos every month for its catalogue of programmes. The promo creation process requires co-operation between the creative, marketing, media planning and compliance teams adding complexities to the activity in terms of versioning, localization and approval from different departments. The process involved emails, spreadsheets and a lot of other processes and tools to get the job done. The fragmented and largely manual nature of the process made it expensive, time-consuming, error-prone and stressful for the teams involved. ITV evaluated off-the-shelf solutions but found them inadequate.


  • UI & UX design
  • User testing


  • Back & Front-end

To create the optimum marketing campaign management workflows, Codemill devised a solution that was unique and customized to tackle ITC's specific needs and structure. The system was developed and implemented to streamline the production and delivery of on-air and digital marketing campaigns to tens of millions of monthly ITV viewers.

It combines a custom-built media planning application for broadcast and digital media, alongside a MAM-system to keep track of all produced video assets. System users can now focus purely on campaign content rather than juggling the hundreds of versions of each campaign that is being produced and prepared for playout.

Codemill offered a mix of UX-design, front-end and back-end development services throughout the whole project. All work was planned in sprints according to an agile development process.

Codemill's bespoke campaign management system has resulted in significant cost savings, doing away with the need to hire extra resources at peak times. By reducing manual processes, productivity has also increased, alongside improved communication between departments, reducing errors and saving time.

IBC Innovation award

Codemill nominated for IBC innovation award.

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