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The PLUTO project

What we did

When building a sustainable and future-proof system for handling video, The Guardian chose to work with a Vidispine + Cantemo Portal stack. We customized and built new features on top to make it suit the workflows for video production. One aim was to replace the stale Final Cut Server. To do this, we built several Portal applications and integrated them with existing internal systems.

The result was PLUTO a system used daily by journalists, editors and management. It handles media all the way from ingest, through editing and transcoding, to playout on web and delivery to external sources such as Youtube.

Codemill offered UX-design, front-end and back-end development throughout the whole project.

Techniques used

Python, CentOS, JSON, XML, Django, Vidispine, Java, Portal


Cantemo, NMR & Vidispine

It has been an absolute joy to work with a team who is solely focussed on the quality of the end-product, rather than costs or schedules; a team who is immediately responsive and keen to discuss new ideas and directions without letting it distract them from the delivery deadlines and who is simply fun to work with!

Andy Gallagher, Studio Video Producer, The Guardian

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