article | May 08, 2019

To encourage and support future female engineers, Codemill hosted Pepp event in Umeå.

At the end of April, Codemill hosted a Pepp event, a mentoring program to inspire more girls and young women to immerse themselves in technical studies.


Short history about Pepp, it was created in 2013 by Edit Wallin who studied at KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) to become an engineer.

There are not as many women as there are men who study technology thus gave Edit the idea to come up with Pepp. She started Pepp to create new role models, and broaden the view of technology.

Pepp is a 6-month mentor programme where a female student of high school level in Sweden, gets a mentor who studies engineering at a university. They get the opportunity to go on inspiring events held by companies in the tech/engineer world and get to know other female students who want to know more about what an engineer actually does. Pepp wants to give space to female role models in the tech/engineer world.

The goal is NOT to have the student choose an education in tech - but that she has a good ground to make an active choice about it!

At the event held by Codemill, the students were given personas they can choose from with their individual unique problem and come up with creative video solutions. Codemill also presented a demo of their product, Accurate Player.

Codemill strives for gender equality, the company is reaching 30% female employees. By supporting organisations that encourage women in tech field, such as, Coacha framtiden, DataTjej and Teknikbussen, Codemill wants to help increase diversity within the tech business in general. The company wants to contribute and show girls/women different roles within the area, what a work day is like for an engineer. It’s not only sitting by the computer doing programming tasks but also traveling the world, visiting customers, solving problems and being creative. The aim is to give them another view of the field than the regular cliché and hopefully open their eyes to the wonderful world of tech.


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