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Take control of your media assets and post-production workflows with the Accurate Player’s flexibility.

NABSHOW 2017 - Accurate Player / Codemill
It has been just over 6 months since we launched the Accurate Player at the IBC Amsterdam. In the time that has passed we have seen a strong interest for the player from around the world. As we prepare for the NAB Show in Las Vegas this month we thought we will share our perspectives based on market feedback.


While the Accurate Player was purpose-built for QC and post-production workflows and customized to the needs of a major broadcast studio in the US, customers who have enquired about the player have found different uses for it. The Accurate Player is flexible in it's offering and is easy to integrate into any content workflow. So if you are looking at a flexible, scalable solution for your workflow here is why you should consider us.

Flexibility in deployment

As a broadcast team working with large amount of media assets, you should have full control of how you deploy your workflow. Accurate Player resides in the browser as a front-end component with seamless integration with MAM systems, it supports any type of deployment.

Flexibility in features

The first impression when customers lay their eyes on the Accurate Player is “Wow this looks like a very advanced solution given its features!” Yes, the Accurate Player is an enterprise-grade solution but all the advanced tech works under the hood with one simple objective - A fluid experience for the end user. By default, the Accurate Player launches with all its features and functions. Individual features can be turned on or off, and the player can be deployed with a specific feature set. Features can also be controlled on a user or group basis.

Flexibility in Use

In the following paragraphs, we will outline key use cases that the Accurate Player is used for.

Frame Accurate Playback & Seeking

Most offerings in the market offer frame accurate playback and seeking, but they are usually desktop installations that significantly increase the total cost of ownership over the product life-cycle. As a browser-based offering the Accurate Player can significantly lower hardware and installation costs. This is useful for workflows within the media supply chain that do not require advanced software.

Subtitling & Closed Captioning

With the market for VOD services and streaming exploding, content providers are focusing on localizing content for different audiences across the world to provide the best content viewing experiences. Companies such as Netflix are leading this trend by scaling their localization initiatives through crowd-sourcing models as well as engaging with vendors in different locations. Such initiatives would be easy to deploy using Accurate Player. Imagine uploading, editing, transcribing and exporting subtitles and caption in the browser from any location. Accurate Player supports live editing and viewing of multiple subtitles simultaneously, making it perfect for translation and subtitle QC workflows.

Annotations and Markers for QC

Time-coded meta-data is one of the most commonly used features in any MAM system, and Accurate Player supports this functionality by logging all annotations and markers as meta-data directly into your MAM solution for easy search and retrieval. For QC workflows it becomes easy to visually locate specific markers and annotations within the Accurate Player interface and through the search function.

Other commonly used features

Sub-clipping is another popular feature in the post-production workflow and Accurate Player uses industry familiar keyboard shortcuts to allow users to use the function without any learning curve. The ability to load and listen to multiple audio tracks is also a useful feature within the post-production workflow.

For more details on other features in the Accurate Player please visit

We will be showcasing the Accurate Player at the NAB Show Vegas with our long-standing partner Vidispine as Amazon - AWS’s media solution offering at booth SU2202. Get in touch to book a demo or a workflow consultation.

See you in Vegas!


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