Tailored Media Workflows with Accurate Player and BuyDRM. Made-to-measure vs Ready-to-wear

Feb 09, 2022

When styling the perfect ensemble, it can be hard to achieve the right fit. Likewise, companies are increasingly challenged with finding solutions that compliment their media outfit. As technology evolves and demand from consumers increases, organisations need to work with tailors. Not the ones with a needle and thread, but definitely the ones that can stitch a workflow together.

Every workflow is unique, and although deploying an out-of-the-box solution may be beneficial, having the ability to tailor a platform to specific requirements will ultimately result in enhanced content production. Likewise, having a bespoke solution that seamlessly integrates with existing tools eliminates disruption of internal systems.

In this webinar, our SVP Business Solutions - Americas, Gregory Cox, talks to Gabe Elton, Director of Sales, BuyDRM. They discuss the integration between Accurate Player SDK, our web-based framework that can be adapted and integrated into an existing workflow, and KeyOS, a multi-DRM platform for premium content distribution. Learn how users can obtain secure licences ready to distribute content to their platform of choice.

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