press release | Aug 25, 2014

Swedish IT-company CodeMill AB signs deal with Guardian News & Media (GNM)

Swedish IT-company CodeMill AB has signed a deal with global newsbrand Guardian News and Media to customise inhouse video production tools.


Swedish IT-company CodeMill AB has signed a deal with global newsbrand Guardian News and Media to customise inhouse video production tools.

“We are very excited about this contract” says Rickard Lönneborg, CEO for CodeMill AB. Johanna Björklund, Deputy CEO and head of Research and Development, continues: “many of our current clients are located in London and the UK, and it’s a region we would like to continue growing in”.

Codemill is a Swedish IT development company with expertise in systems and analysis for a wide range of media. Codemill will customize the media management system Cantemo Portal™ to suit the workflows at GNM. It will focus on making the system more efficient, secure and speedier for the management of video content for journalists and editors, so that video can reach the web at a faster rate. For this project, CodeMill will be working closely with the London-based company NMR who will be in charge of the installation of Cantemo Portal™. In turn, this system is developed by the Swedish companies Vidispine and Cantemo, also partners to CodeMill.

For CodeMill, this project is a confirmation of their position as a meaningful partner in tailored systems for video production and other media. It also means a growth for the company as Rickard Lönneborg, CEO confirms they will take on extra staff during this year.

CodeMill AB is a spin-off company from Umeå University, with main office in the northern Swedish town of Umeå. Their business concept is to offer agile development for a global market, with expertise in systems and analysis for video and other type of media (e.g. face recognition in pictures), as well as to act close to the academy and research frontier. Earlier examples of clients are e.g. Hogarth (US/UK), Cinnober (SE), and Tieto (FI/SE). CodeMill also participates in several research projects such as the EU-project Satin together with Luleå University of Technology and the productification of Nutrium, a system for calculating the nutritional needs of babies in prenatal care.

CodeMill primarily hires engineers with a five-year degree in computer science and/or interaction design. The company manages these skills through internal and external educations, certifications, guest speakers, etc. CodeMill was named the spin-off company of the year at the local gala Umeågalan 2013, and the same year placed on Swedish Almi’s BIG29-list of companies with exciting business ideas and great potential for growth on the market.


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