article | Jan 14, 2021

New Sales Analyst Team Joins Codemill

Entering the new year, Codemill started off with adding three new sales analysts in their sales team. The sales analyst team will be part of establishing a strategy to reach a broader market in the media entertainment industry.


Welcome Jakob Vikström, Jacob Neckmar and Erik Fritz.

Jakob Vikström

Graduated with a Business Administration’s degree from Umeå University, Jakob is currently studying for a Masters degree in Finance. He was born and raised in Luleå and moved to Umeå to study at Umeå University.

Before joining Codemill, he gained working experience at a well known swedish bank.

“Starting at Codemill and being able to be part of their journey feels fantastic. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to this journey and help Codemill grow and expand as a company. Further, being able to work with some of the talents that Codemill has, I feel certain that we will accomplish many great and fun things.” - Jakob Vikström.

Jacob Neckmar

Originally from Malmö, Skåne, Jacob is currently attending Stockholm School of Economics majoring in Business & Economics. Along with study, he also gained experience in business development from several tech companies.

”I am looking forward to making large deals with multinational companies and seeing Codemill grow” - Jacob Neckmar.

Erik Fritz

Attending second year at Stockholm School of economics, Erik has been running his own tech-consulting company for a while and been involved in other projects.

"I am looking forward to helping Codemill to scale up the international sales.” - Erik Fritz.


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