article | Jan 19, 2021

Back In The Day There Was A Player That Was Not Frame Accurate

An American based internet television service with headquarters in Los Angeles offers a free AVOD (Ad-based Video on Demand). With over 20 million monthly active viewers watching 250 channels, the company has over 100K hours of content from 170 content partners. Content is available through their website and apps.


Managing over 100k hours of content, the company needed infrastructure to keep pace, ingesting 2100 hours of content per week, with automated QC and manual QC workflows. The company came to Codemill and Accurate Video looking for a solution to offer more media to its customers and expand into new markets.

Using Accurate Player and other Accurate Video products, the client is able to insert and perform validation on Ad Breaks with frame accuracy for all available media formats using enhanced metadata. Codemill also created the functionality to quickly identify QC issues manually and alert lab and content partners to get the media production ready in a well-timed manner.

Accurate Player is designed to integrate seamlessly with the current limits of internet browsers to get every ounce of functionality possible, as a result, this allows the QC team to access the media with more flexibility in content types.

In addition, Codemill had also completed UX work of their entire MAM and all relevant workflows along with stakeholder involvement to ensure that they produce an efficient and functional product that meets the client's business needs.


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The Big Three Master Thesis Students at Codemill

It seems like three is the magic number for Codemill this year. After three sales analysts joined the company in the beginning of this year, three masters program students from Umeå University are doing their thesis at Codemill.

New Sales Analyst Team Joins Codemill

Entering the new year, Codemill started off with adding three new sales analysts in their sales team. The sales analyst team will be part of establishing a strategy to reach a broader market in the media entertainment industry.

Johanna Björklund Received Funding For AI- Driven Contextual Communication Research

Our co-founder, Johanna Björklund, has received funding to investigate the implications of contextual communication for citizens and society. A key research question is the influence of AI-driven advertising on democratic processes.

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