Meet the Newest Codemiller: Industry Veteran Gregory Cox

Sara Solaiman
Sep 07, 2021

The last few months have been very exciting here at Codemill, with our IPO and the acquisition of Media Asset Management provider, Cantemo. As we continue our rapid expansion, we are excited to introduce the latest member of the Codemill team: Gregory Cox, who is leading our presence in the US as SVP Business Solutions, based in California.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the media and entertainment industry, Gregory Cox has worked for major companies leveraging top notch technologies that directly drive the content supply chain. We spoke to him to find out what he is excited about in his new role.

  1. What is the biggest thing you have learnt from your previous roles that you are bringing to Codemill?

In my mind, the two most important things to thrive in this industry are relationships and gaining an understanding of the technology and the impact it has on customers and viewers.

Over the years, I’ve worked for a number of major companies in this space. In those roles I’ve supported teams from a technical perspective and in doing so, I’ve built relationships along the way that are invaluable. It is these relationships that have allowed me to grow into managing accounts and helping from a commercial perspective.

Having spent a long time in this industry I have also built up a good understanding of those technologies. As a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), I’m often called upon to speak at conferences and write technical articles on the hot topics, including HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding). I also recently participated in a virtual production for an AWS APN Episodic series centered around QC, AI and ML., key areas of interest for Codemill and technologies that I believe will be crucial in this industry.

2. What are you most excited about in this new role?

I always think the most successful companies are ones with the best people. It is rare to find a company with quite as many competent people as there are at Codemill. There is a great atmosphere and enthusiasm that runs right through the entire company. I’m honored and humbled and most of all, I’m looking to learn as much as I can from each of my new colleagues! Codemill is on the precipice of greatness, and I believe I am part of something special. I’m looking forward to doing great things with the team!

3. What are the most significant industry trends that are driving the need for Codemill’s solutions?

While the Media and Entertainment has been in a mad dash to get as much content into the cloud as possible, 2020 specifically was tough for everyone, adding additional urgency for cloud infrastructure and services. At the onset of the Pandemic, everyone fell into their comfort zones with VDI looking for remote solutions as workforces were forced to work from home and major studios, broadcasters, and posthouses were looking to fast-track supporting workflows in the cloud driving new costs.

I believe Codemill products and services can drastically change how the Media and Entertainment market approaches and implements cloud workflows. From remote content playback to content management and fulfillment, Accurate Video Validate and Player are priceless! The addition of Cantemo MAM to Codemill’s portfolio will be key to the success of so many QC, Collaboration and Content Management needs. One of the most important things to take into consideration, is that the shifting that occurred in 2020 to the way the Media and Entertainment market facilitates work, will likely stay that way as the investments made to put in infrastructure and the realization of unnecessary cost centers makes for a perfect storm, or shall I say opportunity, for Codemill to thrive here in the US and globally for that matter!

Gregory will be heading up our efforts in the US, helping us to further expand our global presence. If you are based in the US and want to find out how our solutions and services can help your content supply chain, get in touch with Gregory.

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