Dr. Johanna Björklund's Blog on Scaling in ML/AI Media Workflows

Apr 06, 2021

Dr. Johanna Björklund, co-founder of Codemill and Adlede, wrote a short blog as a result of the DPP panel discussion she participated in where one of the topics was how to scale your machine-learning workflows.

Dr. Johanna Bjöklund is an active CTO at Codemill and Adlede, two media tech companies with strong emphasis on AI/ML in their product offerings.

Adlede offers contextual programmatic advertising, it uses programmatic ecosystem to place ads in the best possible media context.

Codemill with their product suite Accurate.Video gives access to a built-out ML/AI machinery that helps increase the speed and quality of content production by improving searchability, automating editing tasks and adding additional layers of security in compliance checking.

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