Johanna Björklund Received Funding For AI- Driven Contextual Communication Research

Dec 16, 2020

Our co-founder, Johanna Björklund, has received funding to investigate the implications of contextual communication for citizens and society. A key research question is the influence of AI-driven advertising on democratic processes.

A total of twelve new projects have been granted funding from the national research program WASP-HS, two of which at Umeå University. WASP-HS was initiated in 2019 by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Foundation to study how the change in technology will affect our society and our behavior.

In the research project "AI-based contextual communication: Consequences for the individual and society", Johanna Björklund will lead a team of researchers who will conduct studies and data collection on digital news platforms with active advertising and the investigation on how individuals behave and react to this.

- The work culminates in a theory of AI-driven contextual communication that makes it possible to use the new technology in an efficient and responsible way, says Johanna Björklund.

Read more about the research here.

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