The Highlights of Djangocon US 2019

Oct 08, 2019

Since 2013 we have attended the Djangocon Europe conference annually. Well organised conferences with a good mix of technical deep-dive and softer, general developer issues.

This year, we missed the European version, ironically enough since it was held in neighbouring Denmark, but we were happy to be able to attend the US version instead!

Like last year’s conference, it was set in beautiful San Diego. A day of tutorials followed by the main three days of talks and last but not least, two sprint days to get people involved in open source development.

Finding the right balance between hard and soft, deep and shallow is not easy, but we would like to congratulate the organisers of doing just this. Sitting through eight hours a day of interesting talks without losing focus is pure joy.


Amber Brown took us through the hardware advancements of modern CPUs from the last 10 years. Spoiler: benchmarks suck. Single-core performance is not going up. How do we address this, as Django developers? Asynchronous code! It is not every day you get to dive deep in hardware lingo while still being relevant for developers, but Amber surely did a great job.

Andrew Godwin showed us what is being done in Django core at the moment and what parts we can hope to see asynchronous in future. Andrew is a frequent speaker we know from previous conferences, and it is amazing to see his passion for solving problems.

Jessica Rose gave a strong and thoughtful talk on Burnout and Balance, leaving no one untouched. Watch it (and all the other talks!) when they show up on the Djangocon Youtube channel

We were also delighted to meet and listen to one of the Djangonauts with the biggest heart, Daniele Procida, who talked about Nothingness and identity and showed us how to make a pen printer for pocket money. No Djangocon without feeling bad for the transcription staff as Russell Keith-Magee took place on stage again, giving a talk about Web Assembly, taking us all the way down to machine language (and back up!).


Our take-outs? It feels great to be part of such a passionate, inclusive and lively community. Thank you Django friends and conference organisers!

Written by: Jon Hollström (Senior Developer)

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