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Frame accurate HTML5 video player launched at IBC 2016: Accurate Player™ by Codemill

Codemill is releasing our first own product called Accurate Player™ to the public this weekend at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam. The frame accurate HTML5 video player was developed in collaboration with a major studio in Los Angeles for review and quality assurance of video including audio and subtitle tracks. A key requirement for their needs was frame accurate playback only using HTML5 APIs with cross browser functionality along with a Vidispine MAM integration. We have managed to do this and are very pleased with the outcome.


– It has been an absolute joy to work with the team at the LA-studio. They are very competent, and the project has been both challenging and interesting with excellent results, says Jonas Sandberg, senior developer at Codemill and project manager for Accurate Player.

Video review and quality control in the cloud

Accurate Player is a browser-based online review and quality control system and fully scalable. It has a cloud-based architecture, and because of this it has potential to replace heavy desktop programs.

Since the original development with the customer, the player is made more general, available as an efficient tool for producers and broadcasters that have quality assurance as part of their workflow.

The broad set of functionalities include:

– Accurate Player is a product which demonstrates our robust development and integration expertise in delivering quality technology and innovative solutions for media companies trying to migrate applications to the cloud, says Rickard Lönneborg, CEO at Codemill.

The product was in beta during NAB in April this year, and is now fully launched. It will be sold as a licensed product.

Book a demo at IBC

Codemill will be located and demonstrating the Accurate Player together with Vidispine at the Amazon Web Services stand 5.C80 at IBC in Amsterdam 8-13 September. Please contact Jonas Sandberg (+46 70 219 55 96) to set up a demo meeting and meet the team behind Accurate Player. You can also learn more and sign up for a later demo at


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