press release | Sep 04, 2018

An exciting year for Codemill, three new colleagues starting in autumn

Codemill has had a strong growth this year. The company finally reached over 50 employees at their head office in Umeå. They have expanded their team with three more new employees in the beginning of autumn this year. With the new additions, they now have 53 employees. The new employees will, in different roles, strengthen their various development teams and sales department.


- We started strong in the beginning of 2018 and with the increase of international customers and projects, we need to strengthen our team with new colleagues. We welcome three new members of the Codemill family , says Rickard Lönneborg, CEO of Codemill.

Johan Bergström is the new addition to the sales team. He started out in the IT consultancy after finishing studies in Information systems and systems development at Uppsala University. He is an International Business Developer in the Higher Education IT domain and has been working for the Umeå University.

Katarina Hägglund went to Umeå University. She has a masters degree in Interaction design and a bachelor degree in computing science. She is a frontend developer and UX designer.

Simon Bergmark has been working as a software developer since he graduated in 2015 from Luleå University of Technology with a degree in Systems Sciences. He now works as developer and UX designer for Codemill.


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The Highlights of Djangocon US 2019

Since 2013 we have attended the Djangocon Europe conference annually. Well organised conferences with a good mix of technical deep-dive and softer, general developer issues.

To encourage and support future female engineers, Codemill hosted Pepp event in Umeå.

At the end of April, Codemill hosted a Pepp event, a mentoring program to inspire more girls and young women to immerse themselves in technical studies.

The Benefits of Cloud Native, Containerization & Kubernetes Discussed at Cloud Native Lightning Talks

Codemill hosted Cloud Native Lightning Talks earlier this year in Umeå - a total of eleven speakers discussing all aspects of cloud native, containerization and Kubernetes. After the event, we spoke to Erik Lindskog, Team Leader and Senior Developer at Codemill and Robert Winter, CEO of Elastisys. What follows are some of the main learnings and highlights.

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