news | Mar 27, 2019

Codemill's spin-off Adlede selected for IKEA Bootcamp programme

Codemill's spin-off company Adlede was one of 18 startups accepted to join IKEA's Bootcamp program for 2019.


After a selection process involving 1100 applications from 62 countries, IKEA announced the second edition of Bootcamp, with a world tour and an application site. The objective of the program, in IKEA's own words is:

"to find startups that not only share the IKEA vision but can innovate around solving three challenges connected to the IKEA direction; affordability for the many people, connecting with and being accessible for people across the world, and enabling a positive impact on the planet, people and society."

Notably, Adlede is the only business in the advertising sector chosen to take part. The program started this week and takes place in Älmhult, the city where the first IKEA store was built.

Codemill CEO Rickard Lönneborg commented: "We are very proud and excited that out latest spin-off company Adlede was chosen in the program among international startups. Adlede has such unique and innovative approach that can be the future trend in advertising."

The full list of those selected can be found here.


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