Codemill vs. Covid: Reflecting, Revisiting and Recovering

Jun 21, 2021

There have been many changes at Codemill HQ lately, as we’ve been adjusting to new ways of working in a world post-Covid. Our recent acquisition of Cantemo and the Initial Public Offering (IPO) onto Nasdaq First North Growth Market have certainly kept us busy during a time of uncertainty.

Like many other organisations, Codemill has been through a year of upheaval and readjustments caused by the unprecedented events of the Coronavirus outbreak. More than a year on, we take a look back on our time during the pandemic, explore the next steps for the industry and consider the effects from such fast cloud adoption.

Reflecting on the last year

On an individual level, the pandemic has been difficult for all of us. However, from an organisational standpoint, we have continued with little disruption. We have been able to continue work with minimal staff on furlough, keeping the team busy with long running projects including our on-going development of Accurate.Video product software.

Although some of our client projects were delayed, postponed or cancelled, we’ve been fortunate enough to continue delivering our solutions to many companies throughout the pandemic.

We recognise that for many media organisations, 2020 has just been about survival. For many clients in cinema, publishing, inflight entertainment and live events, the pandemic has majorly disrupted workflows and put a sole focus on business continuity. Many have got by with minimal innovation, working from laptops, portal drives and using VPN to on-premise infrastructure.

Revisiting strategies

This last year we saw widespread adoption of remote and cloud workflows. We’re seeing studios and broadcasters moving as much as possible to the cloud. There has been a move towards using both inhouse remote workers and freelancers. With organisations making the most of global talent, rather than being restricted by location.

There is no doubt that the ability to continue working remotely enabled organisations to survive throughout the pandemic. However, it is important to consider whether the fast adoption of cloud workflows was suitably implemented. Codemill already had remote workers in place, operating in London, Stockholm and Tokyo prior to the pandemic, meaning we were already familiar with digital tools.

With so many companies venturing into the remote territory for the first time, it may now be time for them to revisit their cloud migration strategies to ensure the process was carried out securely and with maximum efficiency.

The ongoing road to recovery

This year and into next, we will likely see a boom in live event production as restrictions ease, with consumers keen to engage with sports, music, and live content. However, it is likely that inflight entertainment will continue to struggle for a few years with a reduction in work travel and fewer foreign holidays.

We will continue to see major efforts to accelerate the migration of the most complex production environments from on-premises to the cloud. With ongoing developments in cloud storage processes and security, there is plenty to consider when implementing remote workflows. Although things will never quite be the same again, overall, we’re looking forward to Codemill’s future.

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