Codemill takes part of the Uniaden's 25th anniversary

Jan 20, 2020

Every year in the last week of January, Umeå University holds Uniaden, its annual job fair for students. Since at Codemill, many of our new recruits arrive directly from the university, attending this job fair is always high on our to-do list.

Uniaden is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and takes place over two days, January 28 and 29, 2020.

Students with technical degrees are no doubt more in demand than ever.

Evelina Sjögren, HR Manager at Codemill, who will be at the fair says: “With Uniaden, we take the first step to introducing our company to future rising star employees, even before they finish their education. We also hope that seeing opportunities like the ones on offer at Codemill encourage even more people to stay in Umeå and invest their knowledge here”

Thesis, summer internships or future colleague?

Attending Uniaden, Codemill’s main focus is on students who are looking to do their master thesis, or those looking for employment after the education, but opportunities around summer internships are also possible.

Almost everyone at Codemill was once an Umeå University student. The most relevant courses we are looking to recruit from are the Bachelor and Master Programs in Computer Science and Interaction and Design.

In terms of the work we do, Codemill’s clients include some of the biggest names in the world of international TV and cinema. It’s an exciting industry, and you can really have an impact on the future of broadcast, as it embraces APIs and the cloud.

Our sister company, Adlede, uses machine learning and computer vision to make smarter, more ethical choices around where to display advertising campaigns. All based on the right context – and content – instead of personal data.

Evelina adds: “Across the entire company, we work in small teams, we help each other move forward and encourage skill and personal development.”

About Uniaden

Uniaden is the Northern Sweden's largest jobs fair, that is arranged annually by Umeå University. The purpose of the Uniaden is to provide a meeting place for students and the business community to connect. In addition, Uniaden also gives students a clearer picture of their options after graduation, as well as expanding their personal network.

Uniaden also organizes lectures, events and theme days aimed at students where companies can also participate.

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