Codemill to speak at DjangoCon Europe 2015

May 30, 2015

It's time again for the yearly conference DjangoCon Europe, and Codemill is sending six of our developers. Django is a central part in many of our projects, so this is the most important conference of the year for some of us.

Better web applications through user testing
On Wednesday 3rd of June, Ludvig Wadenstein, developer and interaction designer at Codemill, will hold a speech on the topic Better web applications through user testing. The cue is: "Ludvig introduces user testing and other techniques that can help developers ensure they're solving the right problems - the ones their users need solved."

About DjangoCon
DjangoCon Europe is a yearly community conference for anyone interested in the Python framework Django. This year's DjangoCon Europe is to be held in Cardiff/Wales/UK 31st of May - 5th of June. It will be six days of talks, tutorials, and of course code.

DjangoCon takes its responsibility to change the imbalance in the IT-world, and is aiming for this to be the most diverse and inclusive DjangoCon ever by taking different concrete steps to achieve this.

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