Codemill - Pepp Collaboration, An Insight to UX Designer Role

Mar 18, 2021

This year is the second time that Codemill hosted a Pepp event. Pepp is a 6-month mentor program to encourage young female students to enter the tech/engineer world.

The program started in Stockholm in 2013 by Edit Wallin and now branched out to other local universities in Göteborg, Linköping and Umeå. In Umeå, Pepp collaborates with Umeå University, where female students at the high school level get mentors who study engineering at the Umeå university. The students get the opportunity to attend inspiring events held by local companies in the tech/engineer sector and get to know other female students who have the same interests.

To comply with the current restrictions, Codemill hosted an online workshop for the Pepp event that was held on March 16, 2021. The workshop was led by our UX designer, Alice Risholt. With a total of 24 participants between the students and mentors, the workshop was aimed at giving the students an insight into what the UX-designer role looks like - to hopefully inspire them to choose tech-related programs in their future studies.

In the workshop, the students and their mentors collaborated to solve a fictive case, digitalizing the queuing system at stores where one would normally grab a queue-number and wait for their number to get called. By taking on the roles of both end-users and researchers the group identified the user-needs and started sketching a number of ideas.

miro board

A digital workspace was created in Miro, which with its simple interface is quick and easy to learn and use for collaborative processes. In that way, all participants could contribute with their thoughts and ideas by inserting post-it notes, shapes and text onto the workspace in real time.

Furthermore Alice described how the design process would continue from ideation stage to testing and eventually a final product.

“It amazed me to see how quickly the students embraced the task and how eager they were to solve the common goal. In under an hour we had identified the users’ needs and sketched out a number of great solutions. I think we might have found some of our future UX-designers!” - Alice Risholt, UX Designer.

“Alice proved that it is possible to conduct good and qualitative workshops in digital meetings. We believe that the interactive set-up of the workshop gave a good picture of what a UX designer does! It was very rewarding to hear her journey to where she is today, and we believe that many were inspired by her.” - Sofia Nilsson, Pepp.

Codemill strives for gender equality and diversity, the company has reached 25% female employees and is aiming for a higher percentage as mentioned by our Recruitment Specialist, Hanna Fjällström in the article for International Women’s Day this year.

Through activities that Codemill supports, the company wants to show different sides of the engineering and tech world, one that has a focus on the media entertainment industry.

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