press release | Jun 04, 2018

Codemill continues to grow with five more employees

Codemill continues to grow. This year the company have expanded their team with five new employees. With the new additions, they now have 48 employees at their head office in Umeå. The new employees will, in different roles, strengthen their various development teams and communications department.


From left: Andreas Östergårds, Sara Solaiman, Peter Ahlström, Simon Ekdahl & Anton Bäckström

- 2017 was an eventful year for us with 15 new employees, we increased the pace and focused hard on our own products and our international assignments. 2018 has begun well for us and the need for new employees has grown in line with our efforts on our products and international assignments, so it's really fun to welcome five new employees, says Rickard Lönneborg, CEO of Codemill.

Anton Bäckström is a UX designer with a degree from Umeå University in interaction design.

Andreas Östergårds comes from Vaasa, Finland, where he received his bachelor degree in Information Technology from Novia University of Applied Sciences. Now he works as a developer at Codemill.

Peter Ahlström graduated from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 2013 with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Industrial technology and management. He then stayed as a Phd. student at the Computer Science department. At the end of 2016 he moved to Umeå and today he joins Codemill as a full stack developer.

Sara Solaiman is the new communications manager. She graduated from Ohio State University in the United States. Sara has a background in media and communication and now she works with internal and external communication at Codemill.

Simon Ekdahl is working as front-end developer and Ux designer. He works in various projects, with main focus on startups. He recently graduated from Umeå University with a master's degree in interaction design and a bachelor's degree in computer science.


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press release
An exciting year for Codemill, three new colleagues starting in autumn

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