Codemill and Axiell Enable Collaboration Between Teachers, Librarians and Students

Jun 23, 2021

Codemill worked with Axiell Media, a Swedish software company, to deliver a platform for digital collaboration between teachers, librarians and students which can be accessed from anywhere. It enables school libraries to gather and maintain their physical, digital and educational resources, making them searchable by the user.

This blog investigates the successful partnership between Codemill and Axiell, taking us on a journey from their first project together through to the most recent. With a prime focus on user experience, we explore how Codemill implemented a solution to improve usability and aesthetics for Axiell’s customers.

The Partnership – A brief History

2016 – The partnership begins. Codemill began its working relationship with Axiell through the creation of WeLib, a complete digital school library system with educational functionality at the forefront.

2019/2020 – Collaboration between the companies continued with Codemill using solutions to develop UX for Axiell’s portals, Biblio Pro and Publico.

2021 – The partnership expands with another UX project. This time with a deeper focus on designing the views in the Publico portal, concentrating mostly on ‘Landing page’, ‘Add book, ‘Order E-book Conversion’ and ‘Book overview’ pages.

The Who and the What

A collaborative approach was integrated into the project, with both parties working closely to deliver the ideal solution. The main goals for the project were:

  • Finding a user-friendly flow for the various processes in the portal.
  • Create a prototype that Axiell’s development team can transform into the live portal.
  • Ease the pressure for the support team through making the users more independent.

Once goals were established, Codemill ensured Axiell led the way through the development process. Through workshops designed to put Axiell in the driving seat, Codemill was then able to gain a deeper understanding of its requirements and create a prototype persona of who the target audience was. Leading on from that, a story map was created to get a better idea of what was being designed.

Appealing to the Masses

One of the main challenges identified during the workshops is that the platform design needed to work for as many users as possible, without overwhelming them with insanely large amounts of options. For a long time, Axiell has dominated the market with very few competitors, meaning most book publishing companies were using its platform.

Until recently, Axiell had been trying to cater to everyone's needs by adding additional functions to the system. This resulted in an overflow of information, making the platform extremely difficult to navigate.

Simplifying Processes

Initially, the partnership was formed to develop the capabilities and usability of WeLib. Codemill integrated with Axiell to simplify the search function, enabling users to filter searches according to keywords, grade, subject, resource types and similar classification.

The subsequent projects focused further on the user’s experiences. Codemill created a proposal for the layouts out the new portals, Biblio Pro and Publico, designing a platform that could respond to specific user needs and provide a simple yet appealing, self-serve portal.

The projects were all based around teamwork. Codemill and Axiell worked together to ensure the development process involved input from both organisations. Although Axiell remained at the forefront of the projects, Codemill was there to implement the ideal tools and solutions.

By Annika Ingvarsson, Project Manager

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