news | Jan 27, 2021

The Big Three Master Thesis Students at Codemill

It seems like three is the magic number for Codemill this year. After three sales analysts joined the company in the beginning of this year, three masters program students from Umeå University are doing their thesis at Codemill.


Almost everyone at Codemill was once an Umeå University student. Each year we offer students from the Bachelor and Master Programs in Computer Science and Interaction and Design to do their thesis or summer internships at Codemill.

“We take the first initiative to introduce our company to future rising star employees by inviting Masters program students to do their thesis here at Codemill. To be able to offer thesis projects is an extremely important recruitment process for us and is valuable for both Codemill and the students. It’s an opportunity to get to know each other, build and share knowledge together.” - Evelina Sjögren, Codemill’s HR Manager.

We welcome the Big Three Thesis Students of 2021, Jakob Persson, Frida Andersson and Oscar Heimdahl.

Jakob Persson

Born and raised in Stockholm, Jakob moved to Umeå in 2016 to join the Master of Science program in Interaction Technology and Design at Umeå University. His main interest in the area is UX-design and development.

“I am really looking forward to gaining new experiences and finishing my education at Codemill.” - Jakob Persson.

“Jakob will investigate how to design a tool that can train an AI to become better at annotating people and objects in video, and how it could be realized in Accurate Video.” - Katarina Hägglund, UX Designer and thesis project supervisor.

Frida Andersson

Design work has been close to her heart and she has a great interest in UX/UI, but frontend is also an area she’s interested in. Frida is currently studying her final year in the Masters of Science program in Interaction Technology and Design at Umeå University.

“I am looking forward to learning new things and developing during my time at Codemill.” - Frida Andersson.

“Frida will explore the area of color correction & grading and investigate how Accurate Video can be used as a tool for people in this field of work.” - Emil Edskär, UX Designer and thesis project supervisor.

Growing up in Umeå, Frida currently lives with her boyfriend. She is a curious person and likes exploring new things. She has been a scout for many years and her real element is nature. Besides hanging out with family and friends, she also likes to go downhill skiing and playing board games.

Oscar Heimdahl

Oscar is on the Masters program in Interaction and Design. His time at Umeå University has focused heavily on UX and development. He’s always been more technical as a person and been a bigger fan of the development side of things.

“With most of my experience laying in web development, I am really hyped about my time at Codemill and to meet like-minded people with skills in development and coding.” - Oscar Heimdahl.

“Oscar will be researching how to improve the currently limited search functionality in Accurate Video. The goal is to find a solution that allows us to very efficiently search for assets by filtering various nested properties and metadata.” - Andreas Östergårds, Developer and thesis project supervisor.

Coming from a big family of eight in Luleå, he moved to Umeå with his girlfriend whom he met in high school and started studying at the same time in Umeå in 2016. In his spare time, he likes to play video games and disc golf.


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