Trust your content with Codemill and AWS

Cloud-Based Content validation

Together with AWS, Codemill helps studios, broadcasters and content providers ensuring the quality of their content

The surge in video consumption and the launch of new OTT and VOD platforms, combined with a trend towards a single, global release window for high value content, poses significant challenges for technical operations and QC teams. Working remotely, content studios and service providers must now manage hundreds of deliverables and need a single page, highly intuitive, web native application, to QC and validate all aspects of incoming video, audio, subtitles and time-based metadata, for onward processing and distribution.

Accurate.Video Validate is a cloud-based content validation and compliance tool that allows content creators, distributors and publishers to QC content prior to distribution. With a frame accurate web player and an intuitive and friendly UI the tool can visualize time-coded metadata from third party tools such as Baton QC, Amazon Rekognition, Nagra forensic watermarking, Irdeto DRM and many more. Deployed as a single-tenant application in the customer’s own cloud infrastructure, the tool provides safety, flexibility and complete control for media and entertainment companies who work with sensitive pre-release content. All content is kept in the customers storage, no need for moving of files. 


Faster Turnaround

Visualize relevant time-based metadata in one place so operators can perform QC, compliance, and content operations tasks faster


Flexible Integrations

Integrate with existing third-party tools that provide time-based metadata or use the out of the box options.


Lower Running Costs

Lower storage costs working with proxy files in the browser. Save license and hardware fees by reducing hardware and software dependencies.


Access Content from anywhere

Teams can access content securely from any location using just their browser.

Codemill on AWS

Codemill’s Accurate.Video Validate is built as an AWS-First solution. Designed as a single-tenant application the solution can be deployed on the customer’s own AWS infrastructure giving them more control and flexibility than a SaaS deployed solution. Leveraging and integrating with AWS services that the customer is familiar with allows them to be up and running within an hour.

The availability, scalability, presence and choice of AWS services and infrastructure coupled with Codemill’s domain-specific understanding and commitment to provide strong user experiences provides customers with a comprehensive and dependable solution makes this perfectly positioned offering to help customers package, deploy, and monitor video streaming solutions built on AWS Cloud Services. Through our partnership with AWS, we successfully meet performance, compliance, and security requirements of customers around the world.


We are supporting the AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative from AWS to enhance media workflows and provide professional cloud-based tools for video validation and editing.

Accurate.Video Validate on AWS Marketplace

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