About us

The story behind codemill. The passion, the power & the potential

What we do

The doors to Codemill opened in 2007, and in 2008 we became a Swedish limited company. Our first employees are still around, which is important for what we call "the codemillism". During the years we have made some amazing partners, met a lot of great customers, and been challenged in many interesting projects. We can honestly call ourselves experts in technical video solutions.

Today, we are about 55 colleagues, but we are growing all the time. Most of us have an MSc (or higher) in computing science and/or interaction technology and design. We are working with many major international companies, mostly in the media and broadcast industries. Having close ties to the academia and other technology intensive partners, we can really say that we develop cutting edge video technology. Our aim is to grow further in the media and broadcast industry internationally, while keeping the heart and the head office in UmeƄ.

How we do it

Our philosophy is simple: Combine the love and enthusiasm for the broadcasting industry with high technical skills to empower our customers. It sounds easy enough, however we believe we've perfected the art slowly over time. Although we are growing there is still a sense of entrepreneurship within the company. 11 motivated teams are bringing value each day.

User Experience & Graphical Design

Any product or development journey begins with the user. We focus on understanding and crafting superior user experiences into everything we build. UX is the foundation of our development process.

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Custom Application Development

We have a talented team of front-end, back-end, full-stack developers who are domain experts in web and online video technologies.

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AI & ML for Video Workflows

We seek to make video and media workflows more intelligent and automated. We make this possible through building AI/ML solutions that are purpose-built for broadcast and media use cases.

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Diving deep in the sourcecode since 2008

Who we are

Once upon a time...there were two friends, Johanna & Rickard, who wanted to make a dream come true. Johanna had just finished her PhD in Computing Science and Rickard was working as a developer. They wanted to gather their knowledge and create a fun place with international customers and interesting tasks. They founded Codemill.