The passion, the power & the potential

Once upon a time...there were two friends, Johanna & Rickard, who wanted to make a dream come true. Johanna had just finished her PhD in Computing Science and Rickard was working as a developer. They wanted to merge their knowledge and created a fun place to work, with international customers and exciting projects. They founded Codemill.

Codemill opened its doors in 2007 and became Swedish limited company in 2008. Our first employees are still around, which is important to us, as ensuring culture and happy teams is key to all we do. It’s what we call “Codemillism”. Over the years, we have formed some amazing partnerships, worked with a whole lot of great customers and been challenged by many interesting projects. We can honestly call ourselves experts in technical video solutions.

Today, we are about 70 colleagues, and we are growing all the time. Most of us have an MSc (or higher) in computing science and/or interaction technology and design. We work with many major international companies, mostly in the media and broadcast industries. With close ties to academia as well as the wider technology industry, we ensure everything we do is tied to the best and smartest cutting edge video technology in the market. Our aim is to keep building our footprints across the media and broadcast industry internationally, while keeping the heart and head office in Umeå.

The family

Say Hello to our intrapreneurs and everyday heroes. They mean the world to us and we value each and everyone of them. If you want to become a part of the Codemill team, you can have a look at our Career page to see if anything fits you. Otherwise you can connect with us through our Contact page.

Meet the family

Our working culture


We value collaboration. We learn from each other, take responsibility for what we do, and encourage transparency and openness. We share our knowledge with colleagues, partners, and customers.


We care about our colleagues, partners, and customers. We are honest and we trust each other. We are eager to respond when anyone needs our help.


We are curious, explore alternatives and try new things. We show interest in exploring customers needs, technology and innovative ways of working. We encourage the desire to learn and share our skills and competence.


We strive to have fun and make work enjoyable every day, regardless of what task or projects we’re working on. We do activities together and share good examples.

What can you expect from us?

Our philosophy is simple: Combine love and enthusiasm for broadcast and video with the technical skills to help our customers excel.

We believe we have perfected the art slowly over time. Although we have grown in time, there is very much still a sense of entrepreneurship within the company. Every one of our motivated teams is bringing value everyday.